Community, camaraderie and encouragement are at the heart of the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo.
And just like riders, volunteer participants are a big part of this event!

From pre-event preparations, to day-of excitement and after-party celebrations,
volunteers have many special talents to share and roles to fill.

Rest Stations are important stops along the Alpine Loop, Medio and Piccolo routes;
providing riders with food and drink, minor mechanical assistance and parts.
But when the ride is complete, what cyclists remember most about the Rest Stations
are the incredible support and enthusiast encouragement provided by the Volunteers.

Course Marshals will be stationed at intersections and other locations along the routes
to direct and caution cyclists. More about the duties of a Road Marshal.

Event operations needs a few volunteers to assist with course signage and as support drivers.

Some of these roles can be filled in the days leading up to the event by
riders who will participate in the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo.

If you are a team or individual who wants to lend your support in another way,
please e-mail Volunteer@AlpineLoopGranFondo.com to share your talents.


Please fill in this form so our Volunteer Coordinator can match your interest with the event's needs:

Thanks for your interest in being a special part of our team for the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo!



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